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Any woman wanna watch football and get lonely females

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But men and women have loneliness in common. Do they handle it differently? According to much research, women across all ages and stages of life report higher levels of loneliness than men do.

Except, that wannna, in one particular group: While married women inch out married men for the lonelier group, single men vastly outweigh single women as the lonelier bunch. Women tend to be more socially minded in general and may therefore maintain more close friendships outside of a primary romantic relationship than men do. Because they focus on relationships more than men do, if those relationships become unsatisfying, they may indeed be more apt to become lonely.

Many studies indicate that women are lonelier than men in general barring the exception of single men discussed above.

This conclusion is supported by another study that aimed not to understand loneliness, but masculinity. In it, researchers found that men indeed were more reluctant to admit feelings of loneliness.

Men tend to focus on attaining a group of acquaintances to combat loneliness, while women tend to focus on one-on-one relationships.

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Given these accumulated facts, we can speculate a possible model for how men and women experience loneliness differently:. Women tend to value close one-on-one relationships.

But because fenales types of relationships take more time and energy to maintain than acquaintances, women have fewer relationships that stave off loneliness. If and when these close relationships end, women may be primed to feel great loneliness.

Any woman wanna watch football and get lonely females

On the other hand, men tend to thrive with lots of acquaintances. Men feel least lonely when they have a dense network of friend, family, and romantic connections.

But if this network thins out, men — especially single men — become very prone to loneliness.

This loneliness often goes unacknowledged. And the manlier the man, the less likely he is to address his loneliness.

Reprinted with permission from New World Library. Lonely guy photo available from Shutterstock.

Kira Asatryan is a certified relationship coach and author of Stop Being Lonely: She writes about loneliness, relationships, and technology. Find help or get online counseling now. Retrieved on February 25,from https: By a member of our scientific advisory board on 8 Jul Published on Psych Central.

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