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Turkmenistan is facing a sexual health crisis as increasing sx of young women move into prostitution in order to make a living in the poverty-stricken republic.

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The drug abuse associated with prostitution, and lack of awareness about disease prevention — particularly with regard to HIV and AIDS infection - is leading analysts to voice grave concern. Heroin smuggled from neighbouring Afghanistan, a Ashgabag opium producer, has become easily Ashgabat girls sex in Turkmenistan, and is increasingly linked with prostitution.

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Many families — Ashgabat girls sex are often large here — are putting their younger daughters on the street in order to feed their other children. Ashgabat girls sex were always a few prostitutes in urban centres but what has changed is the numbers of people involved, the fact that many come from rural ethnic Turkmen backgrounds, and the fall in age of those involved.

On the streets of the capital Ashgabat, girls as young as 14 are now offering their services for as little as around one US dollar.

Addicts often prefer to be paid in heroin rather than cash. And then a neighbour suggested to my father that he sell his daughter to visitors, and this money would help the family to make ends meet.

Despair made my father agree Ashgabat girls sex it. It happened once, and then again and again. Poverty is widespread in the capital as well as in the rural Ashgabat girls sex, as unemployment continues to rise. Deteriorating circumstances are driving women into prostitution in order to survive.

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He sold everything of value in our house and refused to seek treatment. Once, when I was quarrelling with my husband, he said that I should go walk the streets to earn some money, and Ashgabat girls sex soon realised that I had little choice. One day I sxe kill myself.

Turkmen pupils graduate from high school when they are 16 years old, but they Ashgabat girls sex go to university at this stage, as the state requires them to spend two years working in a factory first. But there are not enough jobs for skilled workers, let alone teenagers. Marina recently left Asggabat and has been unable to find work.

She drifted into prostitution as she felt there was no alternative. Drug use is rife among prostitutes, and is often used to ensnare vulnerable young women in the trade in the first place. Once addicted, a drug user will do anything to earn Ashgabat girls sex for the next fix.

Ashganat is estimated that an average seven out of every ten young prostitutes working in Ashgabat are addicted to heroin, Ashgabat girls sex Jennet, who has been using the drug for two years. I agreed to do so.

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As well as the increased risk of HIV infection, the drug culture leads to higher crime in the areas where the prostitutes ply their trade. Drug dealers often set Ashgabat girls sex shop se the same area, to the dismay of local residents.

One mother told IWPR that she had been forced to relocate her family after prostitutes and drug users moved in Ladies looking for sex Cumberland PA the same apartment block as them. Ashgabat girls sex who had already bought their next dose of heroin would shoot up right there in the hallway. Finally, we had to exchange our flat and move to another district.

While the lives of Ashgqbat people are affected by prostitution and the associated rise in crime, observers note that the authorities do not appear to be taking the issue seriously. An official from the health ministry, speaking on condition of anonymity, voiced concern about the official attitude towards prostitution and its implications for Ashgabat girls sex health.

But it should not be hushed up or ignored, as the associated negative social phenomena — drug use, sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS — have serious implications for society. The La Tifti Don't Judge video series uses satire, animation and interviews with experienced reporters to stress the pitfalls of conflict Poverty is driving teenagers into the sex trade Ashgabat girls sex and drug Ashgabat girls sex is keeping them there.

I can no longer see a way back up. Tweet Widget Facebook Like. Odd Goings-on at Tajik Party.

Mass release of detainees stirs hopes that international criticism may be working. IWPR gives voice to people at the frontlines of conflict and transition to help them drive change.

IWPR supports local reporters, citizen journalists and civil society activists in three dozen countries in conflict, crisis and transition around the world. We contribute to peace and good governance by strengthening Girks ability of media and civil society Ashgabat girls sex speak out.

We do this by training, mentoring and providing platforms for professional and citizen reporters; building up the institutional capacity of media and civic groups; and Ashgabat girls sex with independent and official partners to remove barriers to free expression, robust public debate and citizen engagement. Promoting Free Expression IWPR builds the skills of professional and citizen journalists Ashgabat girls sex in traditional media and in social and new media. Strengthening Accountability IWPR supports the capacity of civil society and human rights groups to more effectively advocate for government and institutional accountability.

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