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I've worked for Chipotle for over 1 and a half stupid ass years.

Stupid ass new position this year. So my previous GM quit Chipotle because of Corporate and her personal reasons and we received another GM who was pretty good at working but had shitty leadership skills.

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She was very promising in the beginning, telling me, "You work so well! No shit I did. And I want you to be my next SM in 4 months!

Twitter users mocked Chipotle for a viral tweet that referenced sex and drugs. Innovation By Design · Looking Forward · Mastering the Market · MPW chided as a lame attempt at courting millennials, even if it did manage to go viral. More than 82, people had voted in the poll by early Wednesday. Even more great news — domestic partners and same sex spouses are covered, too! to take charge of your health and improve your life—at work and beyond. If that's all true, then fuck these guys and it was a little ridiculous that she was fired in . That was my local chipotle on grand ave and Victoria in Saint Paul. . The funny thing is this wouldn't even be a story if the teens were white. .. you're seeking and it must come from specific actions from the respondent.

I should've known that for the next 7 months I and a handful of top performers were gonna be used for our hard work. I know this because she would talk so much crap in the downlow. I did, however, love my coworkers.

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We worked as a family and didn't mind switching shifts at ALL. Back to my reasons The whole time I worked here I was supposed to have 3 raises on top of my promotion. Corporate is cheap as fuck and they expect us to work under procedures without running out of time and food.

My KM leaves for "vacation" when she actually quit and I had to take over her position for 3 months. Still did not receive validation for KM. And two other people got promoted to SM and Apprentice one day.

I just couldn't believe that shit. So one day I started not to care.

Chipotle on teens looking to fuck st sunday

I did keep the same work ethic, but my work attire, I changed. I would wear PJ's to work, and no hat on.

My managers couldn't do SHIT about it though because they know they needed me to work, otherwise if they sent me home they would struggle severely Well 2 months pass and fo "Apprentice" decides to send me home, knowing that I didn't have a vehicle to use to get home. I just walked over to the POs and clocked the fuck out!

They were standing there in amazement LOL I was laughing when I left and called up a ride to pick me up. I came back 2 hours later to return the store key and told the GM, "I quit. I felt bad for the coworkers I left behind, but I invested too much wasted time in Chipotle on teens looking to fuck st sunday company for no reason My coworkers would always ask me what I'm even doing at a restaurant like this and I should've listened to their positive lecture about how I can do better but I stayed to help them cuz they were family.

So fuck you, Chipotle. Fuck you and your overpriced diarrhea torpedoes and the overly earnest fart-sniffers you hired to pimp them out. Next time, just put a maze on the bag. St. Martin's Lane. wardour street. Charing Cross. Baker Street. Search For Careers Near You. Search For Careers Near You. Stay Connected. About. Company. Newsroom. Investors. If you change your mind and wish to re-subscribe to receive future updates and newsletters from Chipotle, simply enter your email address in the form below. Teens and young adults visited Chipotle more often in the final months of despite its E. Coli outbreak. Looking Forward.

Well this bitch ass GM and Apprentice can suck my dick. How fucking POOR is that???

I heard they had to shut the store down as well because they ran out of meat. All my hard ass work for nothing Obviously not affialited nor endorsed by the folks over at http: