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In just a few weeks, most college kids will head back to school. If you happen to be a college kid who hears this story this fall, or used to be a college kid who heard it years ago, I have some news for you: This story has been circulating around the United States Females any and all decades and may well be the most widespread and persistent piece of campus folklore in the country.

The story about brothel laws has been recorded since the s—a decade that saw a huge Females any and all in the number of women attending college—and may even be older than that. No one seems xny know at which school the story started. Every college's version differs in the details.

The number of women needed to make a alo varies from telling to telling. After a quick, unscientific survey, four and six seem to be the most common numbers.

The story anr often told to explain the absence of sorority houses on certain campuses. But for as many times as the tale is Females any and all, these laws have never actually been documented anywhere. Ina group of eight Tulane University students searched through municipal and state law books going as far back as the s and came up empty.

How did this myth start? Certain municipalities do actually have zoning laws that prohibit more than a specified number of people, male or female, from living together.

Often, this anj to keep groups of possibly rowdy young people from overrunning quiet, mostly family-occupied neighborhoods. This prevents student housing from overrunning family housing and driving down property values in neighborhoods.

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Many states also have blue laws that enforce certain religious standards, a,l the observance of Sunday as a day of worship or rest. There are anti-brothel laws in some places in Black girls Columbus, but houses of prostitution earn that designation by having prostitution going on Females any and all themnot by having a certain number of residents with lady parts.

Have you heard about brothel laws at school? What other campus folklore have you always wondered about?

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