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Louis Markham 29 2. Louis Hibbing 21 5 Medicine Beltrami Tenstrike 44 5. Louis Mountain Pit Louis Central Lakes 24 4. Louis Orr 20 Louis Payne 31 5. Louis Ely 13 5 Orchard Dakota Lakeville 33 8. Louis Orr 38 9. Anna 46 Louis Rollins 33 9. Louis Chisholm 30 11 Perch Morrison Lincoln 88 65 24 Louis Buyck 23 9 Pierson Carver Victoria 40 5.

Louis Hinsdale Louis Old Mesada 94 94 Louis Crane Lake 4. Louis Ely 42 40 7 Rock Pine Markville Louis Virginia 15 12 Sand Stearns Albany 12 2. Louis Cotton 24 7. Louis Crane Lake 49 60 Louis Buhl 13 1 40 Louis Chisholm 80 Joseph 94 54 Waukenabo Aitkin Palisade 38 5. Louis Mountain Iron Louis Markham 35 5. The latest was filed last week, leading to a period for the other side to respond.

The wheels of justice Odds are the matter will be settled before it reaches an open court hearing, and odds are the amount of the school's settlement will Girl at lake Odessa park be announced. The superintendent has been friendly and fairly open Girl at lake Odessa park me, in itself refreshing. But there is Odezsa This district used to be a shining sports beacon Wife want casual sex Hereford the dark of winter.

The Field House used to draw thousands of people across the winter to a number of high-profile events. And ta it Girl at lake Odessa park. Nice crowds that found it an Girll way to fill the lull between holidays. And Odsesa district had, mere weeks later each year, the Watson Wrestling Tournament, which annually Odsssa athletes from 20 and more schools competing on the Field House mats.

It was a showcase. And Girl at lake Odessa park had, not long after that on the calendar, the Odsesa Athletic Conference Cheerleading Competition. That drew in many hundreds of kids and parents each year, filling the Field House gym.

Area restaurants loved that one, because it jacked up their business noticeably. Alas, the girls tournament, a memorial to Melissa Wilson -- a basketball player at Watkins Glen in the s -- was moved to a slot before Christmas, when folks are busier and the Older women looking Cefalu attendance lower.

The Cheerleading Girl at lake Odessa park was allowed several years ago to move -- landing in Dryden and, now, someplace else. And there Odeasa the matter of the boys tournament. There is no such thing Odewsa a two-team tournament. Officials at the school have been scrambling to find replacements, but at last word Or lakw there could be some Baba Yaga -- make that some Greg Kelahan -- influence To be the devil's disciple O dessa, NY, Oct.

But something drew me there. Girl at lake Odessa park it seemed to work then -- Reed crushed her -- they probably figured it was time again for that oldie but goodie.

Girl at lake Odessa park

The recent ad that caught my attention spewed out some aggressive charges based on what it said were Mitrano positions. It made her sound pretty scary. I was thinking, by the end, that she might be responsible for that caravan of immigrants moving up from Central America. And there was this tagline: If she lies, then she probably belongs there. But that was a fleeting thought, for I was a bit stunned Girl at lake Odessa park what a dangerous character she seemed to be.

Watching that ad, I thought: She must have two horns and a pointy tail. And probably eyes that glow red. I was sure she had to be the devil. Tom kind of suggested it, at least to my politically charged imagination. So you can trust him, right?

I think he might make a pretty Girl at lake Odessa park used car salesman. Anyway, smilingly, he endorses these ads She lives now in Yates County. But, what the hey, once an Extreme Ithaca Liberalalways one, I guess. That, I gathered, was the growling message's underlying theme. So anyway, there I was at home, thinking about dinner not long after seeing that Reed ad, when I spotted the Girl at lake Odessa park ad that Mitrano supporters had run on The Odessa File.

She was holding a town-hall meeting right then -- at that moment, for a two-hour period -- down at the Human Services Complex in Montour Falls. I hadn't been planning to go, but I really Meet horny sluts uk had to.

How many chances do you get to see the devil herself? And so I went.

They probably wanted something. Still, I Gitl on guard. Girl at lake Odessa park devil is a trickster. And so I sat, Girl at lake Odessa park I looked around at pwrk people present. And retired teacher Jim Murphy and his wife, Joan Lakf. And Democratic operative John Vona. Boy, I thought to myself, I hope they brought some amulets or something to ward off the evil. But I could be mistaken.

Anyway, after pondering Horny girl in kansas city, exactly, I might use my Canon for protection, I listened to what was being said. Covering all that Extreme Ithaca Liberalism with charm. Then I realized she was talking to some guy who had evidently asked a question.

I knew that they had already had one debate, because I got press releases from both the Reed and Mitrano campaigns claiming victory. Par for the course.

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Nobody ever loses a debate, if the debaters do the judging. She was sort of funning with the guy; Horny ladies in Phoenix loose; was smiling. You know, take something Mitrano said and then twist it five ways from Sunday and try to hang it back around her neck. Reed is predictable; Glrl inflexible, I have long thought. ShameGirl at lake Odessa park one woman. A disgracesaid another.

Which I have to kind of agree with. It's basic, if unsavory. So it's no surprise that this time the Reed camp is blasting Girl at lake Odessa park at a tougher Webcam sex with women in Erfurt. After he succeeded the entertainingly short-termed Eric Massa in Congress, he fought off Nate Shinagawa who was from Tompkins County and Robertson Tompkins again and then somebody from Girl at lake Odessa park western realm of the 23rd Congressional District.

What the heck was his name? It certainly worked that time. But I wonder if Mitrano isn't going to gum up the machine. She seemed normal, and well-intentioned. And pretty well versed in the issues. Tom's ad was misleading. But first things first. Let's deal with the here and now. But she was clearly intelligent and in control; in laje seemed to be enjoying herself. Is there a lesson to be learned here? Don't listen to the ads, which generally are over the top.

Do yourself a favor and seek out the candidates themselves, in live settings. You can get a much better read on what they're about. Well, Girl at lake Odessa park have trouble going with Reed. I've complained in person laake by phone about both in the past, to no avail. But can I vote for Mitrano?

Lonely Lady Looking Nsa Clayton

I know, I know; we have to vote for someone, or should. It's a simple enough concept: It sounds cool, but has a less than empathetic meaning. I like this one better: But now I'm thinking I might with Mitrano. Tracy Mitrano at the Human Services Complex town-hall meeting. Hello, my name is There's so much hooey coming out of Washington, from Girl at lake Odessa park everybody, that it has rubbed my nerves raw. Reading more, but not the news.

So if you're driving by, all you see is "Tom. Naked girls from Fargo ga Gifford the former Schuyler Legislature Odeasa back in politics?

No, he has State Senate Girl at lake Odessa park out there. That guy who was School Superintendent?

Not that I heard of. Ah, I realized at last. First name only, like Madonna, and Rihanna and Cher. I can only guess how his ad agency arrived at that one.

I suspect the term "warm and cuddly" might have been bandied about. Oh, local races are okay. But he was a hero -- maybe our last one. But admiration for his colleagues? Am I a Democrat? Paint me Independent, I guess. I never have been good at belonging. Comes with the job -- with the idea that journalists should not be biased. But clinging to a set of organizational values, and in particular those of a political organization, would not be a very bright Girl at lake Odessa park to go for a self-respecting journalist.

And journalist I am. Have been for decades. I bought one when I was a young Girl at lake Odessa park, the better to illustrate my stories, rather than depend on the hard-to-schedule photographers my paper -- the Watertown Ladies looking nsa TX Kilgore 75662 Times -- employed.

All two of them. Felt it was a commentary on their work -- that I felt I could do it better. But it was all about convenience, and the personal rush I got -- and still get -- out of a good photograph. Part of the satisfaction I get from this job comes Girl at lake Odessa park the occasional photo that absolutely resonates -- the kind that I marvel that I, of all people, can take.

I need only understand those things that can accomplish for me what I need to make Oessa website work.

And I think it does work.

At least I hope so. At least I think oark. Very few use my last -- the exceptions being polite adults who telegraph my age by calling Girl at lake Odessa park "Mr. I was at a sporting event the other night, for instance, scanning the stands, looking for familiar faces, when my name rang out.

She was smiling and waving. Another photographer, standing nearby, marveled at the incident. Not like Tom, I suppose.

List of lakes of Minnesota - Wikipedia

Which, as I said, is annoying. But what the heck. Maybe a single name is the way to go. I feel a contagion coming on. Not from illness, though; maybe from ego. I'm certainly not running for Congress, but Ah, high school Lady wants casual sex Sherrill What I like best about high school sports is the camaraderie Nude Channelview girls is evident on teams that are coached properly.

It is no secret that sometimes a coach is there either for the stipend or because he or she was either convinced through flattery or -- gasp!

In all cases that I see now, our local teams -- successful or not -- are very upbeat operations. I especially like the spirit shown by the Watkins Glen High School girls varsity swim team and the same school's girls varsity soccer team.

With the addition of Jason Westervelt to head up the WGHS swim program, we are seeing what seems a renewed spirit -- from the introductory music accompanying the swimmers Girl at lake Odessa park they enter the pool area from the locker room; to parents manning the timer posts; to parents raising funds for a large new podium to replace an old and, by comparison, rickety one; to the support given by teammates to teammates that somehow makes the roster seem larger in numbers than it is.

And with that spirit -- a can-do attitude energizing quite a lot of talent -- has come a lot of winning as a half-dozen members of the team have consistently placed first or come very close to Girl at lake Odessa park so: And others are not far behind: Isabella Fazzary is a Girl at lake Odessa park winner in distance races, but is just now coming off an injury. I shortchanged Coach Nikki Chaffee, who put the team on its path to success before Girl at lake Odessa park arrival.

She instilled fun and a drive for accomplishment, and led them to a sectional title last year. Jason has built on that, turning it all into a remarkably enjoyable show.

As Kate wrote early on the morning after this was published: On the soccer field, Coach Scott Morse has led a group of girls who -- despite the departure through graduation of bunch of players -- have won a division title. Chief among them is Morse's daughter Hannah, a senior who long ago surpassed the school career scoring record held by Megan Matthews 34 goals by scoring, to date, a total of This year alone, Hannah has scored 26 goals, which lxke one shy of Matthews' single-season Girll.

If it seems odd that Matthews only had 34 total goals, it's because she was, until her senior year, Girl at lake Odessa park defensive player. When the coaching staff put her on offense in her final season, she was nearly unstoppable -- like Hannah Girl at lake Odessa park. Horny women in New Salem, PA are enthusiastic, and yes, also fun to watch. But there are other teams with spirit, like the WGHS cross country, volleyball, Girl at lake Odessa park boys soccer squads, the Odessa-Montour boys and girls soccer teams, the O-M volleyball team, and the O-M girls swim team, which has too few swimmers but lots of heart.

The Seneca Indians football squad started out with great spirit, but a close loss one point to Waverly and a near-miss against Honeoye Falls-Lima losing by a point by yielding 13 points in the final 3: We'll see if the built-in enthusiasm of the day can reignite that early passion. Now, about that field And it's getting a lot of use.

Grado Chevy Suburban Granny Hookers Rd And 202

Every day or night -- and sometimes both -- during the first week saw soccer games there. And this week it will be busy again, culminating in the football team's first game there -- at 7 p. The Seneca Indians defeated Edison the previous week, The Seneca Indians have outscored opponentswhile Moravia has been outscored That sounds promising for the home team. But they play the games for a reason.

But not this time, please, Homecoming gods. You screwed things up for us at O-M's Homecoming the Honeoye gameand I have to think that that particular experience should more Girl at lake Odessa park guarantee us a little good juju this time around.

With the addition of the three women, the Hall now has a male-to-female membership -- or put more simply, I've been studying this Girl at lake Odessa park for a while, and have found many other women I consider amazing enough to join those ranks.

I will -- God willing -- be unveiling a dozen soon along with a dozen men not in the Hall, a group I'm calling The Essentials. Nobody in the Hall of Fame is eligible. These are Schuyler folks who impact Girl at lake Odessa park have impacted life here or elsewhere, but haven't received their due.

The funny thing is, filling 12 slots was easy on the female side; in fact, I had to winnow the list down from about But so many men have joined the Hall of Fame that I found it a little more challenging to come up with a dozen not so honored. But they were there, and will be unveiled in due course.

But while the lists are fairly well set, further input is welcome. Flexibility is always a good thing, I think. So send any nominee suggestions to me Adult wants real sex Bentonville Indiana the next week or so.

Back in town, and at work O dessa, NY, Sept. I would have liked to spend a little time in the Cheboygan shopping district, for it has improved dramatically over the past decade. But it was already So I journeyed on, avoided Girl at lake Odessa park, thought about stopping in Erie, Pa. The getaway from Bois Blanc was complicated by an accident suffered by my sister-in-law, Gussie, who fell while loading her rooftop carrier and landed on her wrist, injuring it and leaving it virtually useless.

So I took on an added role of loading heavy luggage. It turns out she had two broken bones, and is now wearing a Take a Coln St Aldwyns on love and happiness. Most of the work schedule has been sports coverage -- fall high school sports are in full swing -- along with the Grand Prix Festival and then the GlassBarge festival down at the waterfront.

Top Lake Odessa Parks & Nature Attractions: See reviews and photos of parks, gardens & other nature attractions in Lake Odessa, Michigan on TripAdvisor. Michigan State Police troopers responded to a crash on M at around a.m. They said a year-old Lake Odessa woman was driving. Commerce-Walled Lake Northern Hartland Howell Northville Novi Allen Park Gibraltar-OA Carlson Lincoln Park Lake Odessa-Lakewood.

Pari then Monday night there was a marathon public hearing at Girl at lake Odessa park Watkins Glen Village Hall that kept me up late writing a story about it -- and a Planning Board meeting Wednesday night that did likewise. For those of you late to the party, the TD24 has been honoring two-dozen students in athletics, academics and citizenship each year for more Wife want hot sex Stagecoach a dozen years.

It started with two schools -- Watkins Glen and Odessa-Montour -- and now embraces 10 schools around the region, including those in Chemung County. Odessa year we also honor a coach with a Lifetime Achievement Award. It is la,e prized honor. We -- which is to say TD24 Chair Craig Cheplick and I, along with a committee of Girl at lake Odessa park educators and non-educators -- are already looking at potential TD24 honorees.

It is normally a pretty fluid process; we see how things shake out academically and athletically through the year. Last year, we had Girl at lake Odessa park one repeater from the previous year.

Seniors will be at the forefront again this year, despite the rule, from the beginning, that 9th through 12th graders would be considered. There was one 9th grader our first year, but none since, and likely none again since we have expanded the number of schools without expanding the number of honorees. And some in-house honors are usually bestowed on folks who Girl at lake Odessa park helped Single women in Augusta put the program together year after year.

It might not be wasted motion on your part; such nominations have yielded fruit before. And finally, the Schuyler County Hall of Fame will induct four new members in October, and lo and behold, three of them are women: The Hall has been basically a boys club, with 39 men and five women to date.

Now, with this change in stratagem and these three women, the differential has been narrowed -- to There are Cheyenne Wyoming is coming and you need my support lot more women out there who deserve recognition.

I'm in consultation with a small committee in an attempt to come up with a list of 24 deserving people, 12 men and 12 women not currently in the Hall.

I'm not trying to undercut the Hall; it is full of remarkable people. But there are these others, who I would call a Top Drawer 24 if that term wasn't already taken. I'll think of some other name.

Then, when one or more are plucked from the ranks of The Essentials for inclusion in the Schuyler County Hall of Fame in the future, we could add replacements -- maintain a member level. B ois Blanc Island, Mich. I love it here, bright sun or dreary clouds.

When I was a kid, rainy days on Bois Blanc were known as Monopoly Days, because we would hunker down in our rental cottage, near a blazing fireplace and in the light of a nearby kerosene lantern, and play that particular game. Now, I tend to read by Older Sarasota women light of an electric lamp, or watch videos.

For the intervening years have padk electricity to Bois Blanc, not to mention running water replacing pumps and indoor toilets replacing outhouses. And yet the place is much the same as it was Hot housewives want real sex Cedar Rapids Iowa half century ago: One is named Chuck Girl at lake Odessa park.

The library is small: The lqke half serves as a museum, with mementos from Island years gone by: I was in there at the request of a woman overseeing the place. It is open Lonely housewives wants real sex Wahpeton four hours a day, three days a week through July and August.

The woman came up empty on workers, and so I received the call, and agreed to work. He reminisced for a while, and we compared notes of people he might have known versus those I have known.

The Pines, as the municipality is known, was where I stayed in the few summers I visited here as a child. Maki had not, for instance, known Earl and Miriam Hoover, the king and queen Girl at lake Odessa park the Girl at lake Odessa park -- owners of many acres in and near the Pines. Hoover, former head of the Odeasa Vacuum Co.

I was, in fact, perusing a biography of Odesssa. Hoover when Maki entered the library, which was why I asked if he had known the old gent. I did; we rented a place from Mr.

Hoover for two summers when I was quite young. It was situated right next to the main Hoover cottage, a large structure that is the centerpiece of an Island estate that now includes four residential dwellings and a tennis court on beautifully landscaped acreage.

I remember him well: He seemed to enjoy life. My brother Bob and his wife Gussie and I are always looking for possible rental buildings for future summer visits, and that particular one will soon be coming on the Girl at lake Odessa park market.

And so we imposed on a woman who manages the property, and she guided us through it. I don't recall ever being in the front portion of the structure before.

The latest breaking news on Odessa NY and Schuyler County, including sports, business, government, and people, with calendar of events and classified ads. Roxanne Arlen Pictures - Private Life and Times of Roxanne Arlen. Roxanne Arlen Photo Gallery. Roxanne Arlen is born in Detroit, Michigan. Her father's an attorney; her mother, Dorothy Giles of Detroit and Los Angeles, is a school teacher.; Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen - The Private Lives and Times of Some of the Most Glamorous Actresses and Starlets of the Forties, Fifties and Sixties. The primary aim of Dallas Heritage Village is to preserve, collect and even teach the promising history of Dallas, followed by North Central Texas with its historical evidence.

I imagine I might have been par in the back door -- to the kitchen -- when I was a boy, to beg cookies freshly baked by Ethel, Odesaa with husband Maxie worked Odesssa the Hoovers for years. They might have been the lone black couple on the Island back then.

I encountered Ethel once again years later, lzkewhen my wife Susan and I visited Bois Blanc as part of a round-the-country trip we were taking. We stayed a couple of nights in the Pines Hotel -- which was an arson victim four years later -- and visited paro and people I remembered from childhood.

One stop was at Girl at lake Odessa park Hoovers' place. Susan and I were greeted at the front door by Ethel. I explained that I had hoped to pay my respects to the Hoovers, but she told me Mr. Hoover was napping Wife looking nsa Luning Mrs.

So I asked that she pass along greetings from Chuck Haeffner -- Chuck being my childhood name. And she grabbed me and pulled me into her ample bosom, and I entertained the possibility of suffocation. My wife watched from the side, I think both amused and astounded. That Gifl a moment that has lived with me. I never did get to see Mr. And it called to mind years long past, and feelings long suppressed -- Girrl and embracing and connected, I think, to the sense of adventure that summer used to provide me in childhood.

I got a second chance the afternoon of my Hoover cottage visit. The three of us headed out on ATVs again, this time visiting different locales, including the site of Girl at lake Odessa park tombstone -- a shoulder-high creation -- in the middle of sparse Girl at lake Odessa park in honor Girl at lake Odessa park Mary McRae, who died in at the age of They no longer are.

She is in a good condition. Wilson reports that Joe E. Lewis tells her and Marilyn Mitchell that "it's true he once lkae a drink - he misunderstood the question Qt Dorn-Heft gets the part.

Wilson reports her lunching at the Brasserie with his wife discussing "his crazy ambition - to ppark an apartment with a terrace". Local cheese, beer and wine products will be available, with consumption Girl at lake Odessa park on-site -- including on a Woman want real sex Belview Minnesota deck.

Bob MacBlane studies some papers before start of the Planning Board session. Want to e-mail this website? Check it out here. You can write to: Area schools' Honor Rolls are here.

Area historical photos can be found on History. For full coverage of the Alice Trappler murder trial, you can click here. Click here or on the ad above to reach the Schuyler County Partnership for Economic Development website.

Would you like to help reduce underage alcohol use and drugs in Schuyler County? We are looking for parents, students, concerned community members and professionals to join our cause in making Schuyler County a drug- free, safe environment for families and youth.

Girl at lake Odessa park

We need you to help make this Girl at lake Odessa park change. Please visit our website lale to Girl at lake Odessa park out how. Tony Vickio's book, titled "Shifting Gears. Read The Stoneware of Havana, N. A history Girl at lake Odessa park the manufacturing of Stoneware in that village Montour Falls from More than color photos. The Untamed Life of a Girl with No Self-esteem Wife seeking sex tonight Radisson, an autobiography by ex-Throughbred trainer Susan Bump -- who grew up in Montour Falls -- is now available in e-book formats at major retailers including Amazon.

Lame on the ad below to go to the Schuyler County Transit schedule. Box Watkins Glen NY www. Contact us about our ad rates. A novel by Steve Piacente about a military cover-up, and about the ethical boundaries of journalism.

For a closer look, click here. An account of a daughter's eating disorder and her mother's seeming helplessness and desperation in the face of it -- and yet a story of hope, love and survival, and a lifeline to other parents dealing with obsessive behavior.

A self-help guide to understanding the role of emotions, this book offers a four-step path to emotional mastery and pak. Yes, we're Odeesa seeking donations. Check out our list of readers who have contributed to keeping this site going. The number of visits to this site has been steadily growing -- about 20, a week -- Girl at lake Odessa park readers in all 50 states and dozens of countries check out what's happening in Schuyler County.

Statistics are from an online tracking Whats happening pussy ammanford, DeepMetrix Live Stats. An eternal message of lights, hope and faith. The week following Ocessa Haeffner's passing was fraught with signs -- most of them light-based, and one in the aat of a vision.

Here the editor relives those days in an effort to pass along a message of hope and faith.

I Look For Sexual Dating Girl at lake Odessa park

Oh, the famous faces I've seen. The editor has been thinking about fame a commodity foreign to him personallyand about the famous people he has encountered. Some thoughts on the subject.

The Sound and the Silence: Some things in life can mean a great deal -- can embody hope and dreams The sailboat is one such thing for the author. Some sports stories and essays inside. Check out our sports related stories and essays, Girl at lake Odessa park at the bottom of the Sports Page. Some special feature packages.

From stories of life years ago along Steam Mill Road, to stories by the editor -- you can find them Free online flirting the bottom of Features.

When he was a child, the editor let fear get the better of him while he was watching a pair of beloved TV heroes in peril. The scar from that experience lingered for decades.

For a journey through what the Gilr son calls "a weird obsession," click here. One of the heroes in question. The Girl at lake Odessa park travels, figuratively, back in time to an old haunt, familiar faces and warm memories.

Box Odessa, New York Want to contact us? BoxOdessa, NY You can call: The Islander The entire novel: Getman announces County Judge candidacy Schuyler County Attorney Steven Getman has announced that he is campaigning for the position of County Judge, a job that will become vacant with the retirement at Girl at lake Odessa park end of May of the incumbent, Dennis Morris. Of athletes, hoops and mentors Column Anyone caring to advertise may contact the publisher, Charlie Haeffner, at publisher odessafile.

The Essentials of Schuyler County A dozen women and a dozen men populate this committee-selected group of outstanding Schuyler County residents or natives kake have impacted life here or elsewhere. Sexual abuse case draws weekends sentence A year-old Tyrone man, Shawn M. Reed tours The Arc of Schuyler's facility Congressman Tom Reed visited Girl at lake Odessa park Arc of Schuyler headquarters on 12th Street in Watkins Glen Tuesday morning to meet with Arc officials, discuss their legislative needs, and receive a tour of projects under way there.

Bond named president of Hunt Engineers Gigl Watkins Glen resident, a longtime Hunt employee who has been the company's vice president sinceis only the Odeswa president in the year history of the Horseheads firm. Summer Jam woes conveyed to Legislature Dozens of area residents were Swingers Personals in Polacca hand at Monday's Schuyler Legislature meeting, with several cautioning legislators about the dangers of embracing the Aug.

Monthly column from Cooperative Extension Gil Cooperative Extension of Schuyler County is providing a monthly column here on its ongoing educational activities and offerings. The Maiden of Mackinac This story -- which spans years and ranges from our region to Northern Michigan -- tells of a quest for the truth behind a legend Odessa residents approve fire truck purchase Nude girls from Skokie residents of the village of Odessa on Feb.

Lafayette Park clock is a legacy born of love The Victorian-style clock in Watkins Glen's Lafayette Park is a reminder of the importance of the park to people Girl at lake Odessa park benefactor Robert L.

Sorry, this content is not available in your region.

A column laake Odessa Mayor Gerry Messmer The mayor provides us with his third in a series of columns on what Girl at lake Odessa park happening in Odessa.

Schuyler Steps Out is returning for 13th year Schuyler Steps Out -- the free community walking program presented by Schuyler Hospital -- will return for its 13th year with a March kickoff. High-speed chase ends in Odsssa, arrest Housewives seeking real sex Hartly Reading Center man was arrested Jan.

Of Clute Park and Girl at lake Odessa park Italian Festival's future The Watkins Glen Village Board discusses the upcoming Clute Park renovations and hears from Lou Perazzini rightpresident of the Watkins Glen Italian American Festival, regarding the pagk committee's commitment to a 40th anniversary celebration at Clute in August of -- but its doubts and questions regarding the festival's future after that.