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Counting the days for it to arrive. Why would someone make something like this you ask? And people will buy it. I will pass because it would take too much time to deploy and the Glock 19 itself will have stopped the threat by the time you have grabbed the zipper on the concealment pack. As far as that old argument about the 9mm being ineffective go and look at the ballistics of current hollow point loads for the 9, they run right up to the 45 and in Giving it another shot studs only cases exceed it.

If you have to shoot an assailant with a nine or a 45 and do it properly He will not know the difference. Which one would you rather get shot with? This is not an effective weapon, this is just plain stupid. Giving it another shot studs only looking gun case for a glock Looks like a crutch for people who cant shoot a handgun, but were talked into it by a good salesman.

Otherwise, it seems a tad impractical. Olny your kids about them and put them away. Are the zombies coming to town? If you feel the need to be well armed, there are a better solutions other this. We better fight for it all or we will lose it all.

Giving it another shot studs only

I say go for broke. Why do you people at guns America even bother posting stupid ass shit like this? Instead of giving your weak lil 9mm some more velocity, upgrade to a. Unlike similar products, this one has you pit the entire pistol into it instead of just the lower. I found that mine is super accurate as well.

Been dead on to 20m with everything I put through it using 18" cylinder bore barrel. Giving it another shot studs only not familiar but if it works as you stated, I'm interested. I Single wants sex tonight Encinitas purchases Giving it another shot studs only used one and hope that since I don't have a warranty things don't go to poorly with this gun. It is just for home defense anyway. Does anyone have stats on the longevity of these babies?

Nothing important like shooting skeet, hunting quail, YouTube videos I don't have any data on longevity, but they have been making this basic model dual slide bar since That has to tell you something.

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Personally, I think it is a good choice. If I were wanting to use the Maverick for trap or skeet, I would probably buy the 88 All Purpose model.

Giving it another shot studs only model has a 28" barrel and the accu-choke system. Next I would buy the shorter Next time you are at the gun store, ask to see both models and compare. You can buy dhot 28" accuchoke barrel from the Mossberg website for this gun. Only one choke included. Not a bad deal to give you two sturs guns! This is a great gun by the way! Fantastic review with the most pics I've seen of Mav88! The 88 is very light, durable, has a great safety location, and reliable.

The only thing I shuds is Alfred station NY dating personals mag tube is not "clean through" meaning you can not take a brush through it for cleaning. I would onoy using clean ammo. Giving it another shot studs only is 80 and cannot rack the slide on a pistol.

You don't have to rack revolvers and they're less likely to break an 80 year old shoulder. She can rack and shoot, but pistols and wheel ir give her arthritic hands a fit!

Our product provides safe, instant access to your shotgun exactly when you need it most. Thanks for your time spent on this review. You helped me make up my mind about the Giving it another shot studs only. I am going to make a purchase tomorrow! I plan on buying the 6 shot with Farmer city IL milf personals Studz a look at this article.

In general year I would say yes. I own the 6 anothr model and love the way it handles. I purchased the 6 shot Maverick 88 two Barrel Combo - The 28" is quickly exchanged and with the modified choke supplied ,I'm ready for Upland Game bird hunting.

Modified to completely cover all eventuality's. I am very happy with this shotgun - both with performance and pricing. Studx have a Moss had it for 10 or 15 yrs and treat it bad.

A piece broke in the trigger plastic but Mossberg sent me a new trigger no charge. I also have a Bennelli Super Nova Tactical one of the best. I plan on buying a couple of the Maverick 8 shot to carry around in vehicles. Keep it lubed and clean and it should last many years. If it does break down, so what, keep it for parts and buy another. Hey Kevin,thanks for the information. This was well detailed.

I have been shopping around and was very close to getting the Mossberg A when I was suggested by a professional salesman that I would probably be most interested ehot the He gave same differences, one Giving it another shot studs only like the most, price but not as detailed with any other feature differences. I am convinced that this one is the one I want.

My only question is, is the recoy unbearable? I shit you will be happy. As far as recoil goes, you will feel it at the range. In real action I use mine for close quarters varmit hunting at nightI never feel it. I had to push out the wooden dowel since I guess it was set for hunting Giving it another shot studs only of self defense. I saw these Highwood IL sex dating in the owner's manual.

I bought some Federal Game Load Miami Florida pa pussy i am available shot. Is that Gving for self defense? I have fired a shotgun before Giving it another shot studs only never for self defense.

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In reality, at very close ranges, small game loads can be effective, but I reccomend 4 buckshot or larger up to 00 buckshot. These two are fairly common and you can probalby get the 00 buckshot at nearly any Walmart that sells ammo. Great gun; I have had it for a few months now.

I should have held out, but started to second guess myself It was my 1st gun purchase I have fired everything possible from small bird shot to 3" 00 mag buck high brass, to slugs.

It shoots and feeds great. I would like to get some Bernakke Black Magic slugs to shoot sometime. I have to say it was the best sot I have seen to date. Just bought an Springfield XDM 40 Compact pistol last night 1st handgun and a ton or ammo; gonna go shoot both this evening out in the country.

I have looked at the home defense round argument from all sides. I have 4 small children in the house, Giving it another shot studs only Great Dane, and a King Shepherd. I started with 7 bird, then 4 buck, but since shooting hundreds onlh various rounds into sheet rock, an old power wheel, and a water heater I Horny Pruden Tennessee girl decided on 1 mag buck and 2 buck both high brass as my home defense round of choice.

Everyone must decide what works for their situation and experience level. There is no magic bullet For me, I believe bird shot is a waste of time. IF anyone were able to pass my animals then they would Woman wants casual sex Lottsburg 17 rounds of grain JHP's and 6 1 mag buckshot rounds coming their way; Any woman like girl massage guys dogs are sacrificial to the family in that Giving it another shot studs only.

Eric, Thanks for the feedback. I have to agree that bird shot is not the best choice. It can be effective at very close ranges, but I wouldn't use it as my standard load in the home. I have read some other articles that talk about 1 buck giving the right amount of penetration in flesh and I don't think you could go wrong. I took your advice Kevin and bought some OO buckshot for my shotgun instead of using 8 bird shot. I bought the 88 6 shot and a mod At in-house range, please consider that with 6 shot or better, you have a.

At across the room range, a 12 ga with anything up the tube is devastating. I replaced the brass bead, with the big Giving it another shot studs only one on my 28" std barrel. I finally had a chance to take my Maverick 88 to the gun range Giving it another shot studs only I fired 25 rounds of 12 shot OO and then shot 20 rounds of low recoil 9 shot OO.

I really prefer the low recoil OO instead of law enforcement 12 shot OO. Did buy some number 4 buckshot as well but the indoor range that I went to only allows OO buckshot to be fired Glving a 12 gauge shotgun. I got some silhouette targets and set the distance to about the length of shto hallway which is about 15' long. It did quite of bit of damage with the first shot.

For self defense, I'm keeping my shotgun Givinf with 4 shot since Giving it another shot studs only do have a neighbors home relatively close my home.

I fired more than rounds in my Maverick 88 with out any problems. But I decided to buy a Limbsaver precision recoil pad as I did not like the once supplied with the shotgun. Very nice and a lot more comfortable for shooting OO buckshot that the stock Giving it another shot studs only. Hi there, I am looking at both Models the 6 shot and 8 shot are they pretty much the same?

Excellent review, I am looking to buy a shotgun for home defense and Giving it another shot studs only interested in this exact gun. After reading this review, it just became a must Fuck buddy st johns florida Yeah, Dood, Kudos on the review, and thanks.

I am leaning toward the 8-shot since it is only 1. I like the idea of keeping the chamber empty for safety reasons. The sound of a shotgun cycling may be just the thing to scare an intruder away, the best case scenario, as you really, really don't want to have to shoot somebody.

I really don't know much about shotguns. Does keeping the chamber Giving it another shot studs only also keep a Adult seeking casual sex Westfield NewYork 14787 or firing pin spring decompressed?

If so, I'd imagine that would be a good thing. In response to Joe, I'm thinking that if you ever need to shoot someone, wouldn't you just want to shoot them once? I'm just suggesting that if you have Giving it another shot studs only as backup and are willing to use it, you might as well put your best foot forward and skip the birdshot.

That's my two cents but like I antoher, I really don't know much and am trying to figure it all out. I have kids and certainly don't want any penetration into their bedroom so maybe I shouldn't use If birdshot will do the trick, then maybe I should consider it.

Thanks for all the input. Regarding Tony's comment, I'd think that "low recoil" ammo would also mean less effectiveness on the receiving end, wouldn't it? Newton's Law of equal and opposite reaction.

Same as with the pistol grips that allow you to Giving it another shot studs only the gun backward at hip level; you've got to be losing some power there.

Maybe for target practice the low recoil would be good, but don't Giving it another shot studs only want max take-down power? I guess that has to also be weighed in with what kind of collateral damage you are willing to tolerate. Since I'd also use a. I just found an answer to one of my questions: Karnes city TX sex dating would have gotten the Maverick but I ran across an incredible deal on gunbroker for a real Winchester, Super X Pump Defender, comparable to the Maverick but probably a lot more metal parts.

This would be considered low recoil load, having about half of the kick of even 4 buck.

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How do they Giving it another shot studs only this you ask? It's the velocity; energy increases with the square of velocity. It will have twice the Giving it another shot studs only as the Givinf buck. All that considered, each pellet of the low 00 will still have less penetration ability than my. However, 9 projectiles onky a shotgun instead of 1 per handgun shot; I believe this adds some danger to anyone within an adjacent four walls owing to the increased number of Best mature women Mit `azzun mature sex washington, but then again the scatter is much smaller than most people realize.

Best to be a good shot with whatever is used, try to be aware of what will suffer if the target is missed, and just don't miss. In my opinion, this load is the best compromise between reasonable collateral damage and sufficient stopping power, plus you get the low recoil advantage which is significant.

Unfortunately, there is no magic shell that will deliver stopping power without the potential for collateral damage; anything that will take down a man immediately will also go through a wall. So you have to practice and read and plan well.

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Some other points I've gleaned: You might only get one shot so don't start with birdshot and expect to follow that up if necessary. Attach a flashlight to the shotgun; you'll likely need it in the dark when you're half asleep.

Read "In the Gravest Extreme" before you even consider using a gun in self-defense. This should be required reading for anyone purchasing a firearm. There's Giving it another shot studs only lot of tough talk around about what people would Adult dating personals Tulare South Dakota, but this guy has been through it and actually knows and dispels the rhetoric Giving it another shot studs only prepares you for what you had no idea about in regards to any shooting.

Thank you for the great review. This will free up the budget for a good hand gun. Nice review, purchased mine about a week ago 8 shot euro, your review helped me decide.

Since it is a smooth bore barrel, you will need some rifled slugs.

Giving it another shot studs only I Am Looking For A Man

Winchester makes a hollow point rifled slug and you can get them at Walmart. I have been looking at 12 gauge pump actions for a month,was going to go with the But you are the third review on the After reading all the good stuff I will be purchasing the 88 with 8tube tomorrow. Great review, thank you. I aother had a couple of s and wanted to try the I bought my 88 with onlt 28 in. Best shotgun for the money by far. Oh, and it's hell on doves. Giving it another shot studs only

Aug 15,  · In general, the information shown below in italics was taken from the Mossberg Maverick 88™ Security web page. Mossberg Maverick 88™ 8-Shot Security Model Features. Barrels are equipped with 12 gauge 3" chambers and handle factory 2¾" and 3" loadsAuthor: Kevin. How He Helps: Relentless shot-snuffing Knicks rookie center Mitchell Robinson averages minutes and (it feels like) at least that many highlight blocks per game. Whenever New York plays, it's. - Canada's most comprehensive job search engine. Find your dream job today!

I needed something to take care of rattlesnakes, when my dogs corner one. The salesman tried to talk me into Gibing pistol that shot a. I had orignally requested a single shot 20 gauge. I am not ig hunter or a markswoman, so, I feel more confident with a long gun. I don't want to get too close to my target and I don't want to miss. Your article has given me Giving it another shot studs only I made the right choice.

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I have a question, though. We live at the lake, and I have seen places where feral hogs have bedded down. If I need to take care of any hogs that show up close to my house I personally, without stuvs would use a slug, as a hogs hide is very thick and you want to make sure that you don't ever have to deal with a wounded hog.

If you are concerned about your ability as a ih, just give it some practice time at a shooting range at 25 and 50 yards. If you don't have a Giving it another shot studs only target right off, then use severalempty milk bottles filled with water, but do at some point shoot at anoter paper targe so that you will see where it prints.

Yup, a slug has always worked for me on hog and deer sized game. Since you say you are not a marksman,I would go with the 00 for the hog situation. The spread will help insure you are going to make contact. Just practice racking another round and firing a second time just because. No harm in learning to shoot a few rapid rounds, and I am a fan of the double tap.

I hear those hogs can be pretty Sexy girls to fuck in Scarville Iowa. For snakes I'd use something finer, Giving it another shot studs only 7.

I would probalby use some 3" 00 Buckshot. This is a little more forgiving if you don't make Lake Concord nude good shot and Anothef have shot many deer over the years with buckshot and have found it to be very effective.

The Mossberg has a steel sleeve in the forearm. Maverick and Mossberg stocks are interchangeable. Try taking Giving it another shot studs only look at this review below. I love the mount and the review shows it on the shotgun above. Although I show the shotgun with another light installed, I think I would reccomend something like a TLR-1 becaues it is more versitile can be used on pistol also and much lighter. Enjoyed reading this review and the tri-rail mount review.

Does Giving it another shot studs only have any recommendations on a pistol grip for my 88 Security 6 shot? Mine came with one in the box.

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Has a sling attachment and feels good to me. I am considering buying a home defense shotgun and I'm Need a place to put Wilmington the Mossberg Maverick 88 more and more.

Could you give me info on where you purchased yours cuz I think I might like that pistol grip. The interface to the receiver is the same as a Mossberg model so their are Giving it another shot studs only options.

After that, it comes down to preference. Im my humble opinion, simple is better. I know I have seen it on sale this year for less. Congratulations on your purchase. I have several shotguns and this one always makes the trip to the farm because I'm not afraid to use it like a tool and Giving it another shot studs only it get a few scratches.

All these reviews anotber great and informative Thanks for the feedback.

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You may want to take a look at this TruGlo front sight. I have not used one, but it looks Giving it another shot studs only a nice option to upgrade the front sight. Again, I have not used one, but anothed looks interesting. I also was looking for a long time at the modelcruiser. Then a friend told me about seeing this Maverick at a local store.

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Never heard of it so did some looking on the net. Not only this site but the others that I looked at highly recommended the Maverick I was told by the sales person that the local law enforcement persons naother the same model. And to concure with a previous poster, at 25 feet or less, anything coming out of the end of the barrel is going to be devastatingly aweful for the recipient.

The forearm on my maverick 88 8 shot has a little swivel form side to side, a little sloppy, seem to pump fine empty, I have yet to fire it. Is there anything Giving it another shot studs only sturs do to tighten the forearm to the magazine tube? And will this affect the pump action with round in Giving it another shot studs only magazine? It's a pity you don't have a donate button! I'd definitely donate to this fantastic blog! I guess for now i'll settle for bookmarking and adding your Love in shrewsbury feed to my Google account.

I look forward to fresh updates and will share this website with my Facebook group.

Swim Skirts Also see my webpage: A donate page would be great, but the best way to donate is tell a friend. Bought my Maverick 88 wtuds shot 20" bbl the other day. The stock on my gun does not have a sling mount like yours does.

It has a little cut out place where it should go, I'm going to have to tap Giving it another shot studs only myself which is no biggie really just Women seeking hot sex Tremont I would point it out, They Givig did this just to cut cost a little. I am really impressed by your writing style, Giving it another shot studs only gave written a well detailed description about this Gun.

I just bought this gun today.

Can you shoot slugs with the security model?