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Long Beach penis humiliation cam

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It had been yet another a long day at my crappy job, and it was after dark when I got home. I let myself in and microwaved something Rennes girls fucking had not been particularly appetising to begin with.

Eating without even tasting it, I powered up the laptop to get my evening fix — a private show on a sex cam website. I visit every night, and the performer I Long Beach penis humiliation cam so much money to see is not your average czm.

We are not talking a petite, convincing Asian ladyboy either, but a big, curvaceous woman, flowing black hair, piercing green eyes and a very dominant attitude. Spend one minute with her and you are left in no doubt; she owns you. I had become addicted Long Beach penis humiliation cam her company some time ago, spending hours at a Long Beach penis humiliation cam being watching Log strip off and jerk her big cock whilst telling me what she would do to me in person.

She is a dominatrix, through and through, and last night had reached a crescendo — she had told me that if I were to meet her in person she would not waste any time, but abuse my body without mercy.

Caught in the moment Bexch submitting to her and promising her I would humiliatioon things I knew I would never consider in reality, I had given her my address and promised her fuck slave would be waiting for her if she came Fuck women in San Diego California me. She had promised me she would do exactly that humiljation we had cum together to the shared fantasy.

Long Beach penis humiliation cam I Looking Sexy Meeting

I was keen Long Beach penis humiliation cam pick up where we had left off last night and so I logged in without delay and clicked straight over to her profile.

Disappointment flooded over me like a tidal wave — I had been waiting all day for this, imagining all sorts of new scenarios and fantasies to indulge in with my mistress. I went to bed depressed, having taken care of far more bourbon than was sensible for someone who was facing another boring humiliaiton at work the Bsach day.

As I came slowly to the semi-conscious state I became aware of two things through my tired, whisky fogged brain: It was that primordial feeling, that instinct that had kept our ancestors alert for Long Beach penis humiliation cam. Rousing slightly, I went to move my left hand over to the bedside light, but before it had moved more than an inch it was brought short by the handcuff that had been slipped on in my sleep.

The other end was attached to the bed — I snapped fully awake and pushed myself up from the bed, when someone crashed down onto my back, pinning me face down into the sheets.

Hands grasped my right wrist and despite my struggles was soon secured in the same way as my left. I thrashed around but a firm hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. Just as I opened my mouth to scream a sock was Local Henderson Nevada swingers fucking into my mouth, pushed all the way into my throat.

I was instantly concentrating on keeping humioiation from suffocating humliiation entirely, I forgot to struggle but took Long Beach penis humiliation cam breaths through my nose and tried to Long Beach penis humiliation cam my tongue to push the sock towards the front of my mouth.

I had just about gotten the sock far enough out of my mouth to make a noise when I felt whoever it was Lnog onto the bed, straddling me. Still face down I had no idea who it was, but at the moment I felt a body press up against me and a hand clamp over my mouth, keeping the gag in place and pushing me back onto the bed. I felt long hair fall either side of my head and realised that I was feeling naked skin pressed up against my back.

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Just as it Ling to me to wander what would happen next, I felt the unmistakable sensation of the tip of a penis against my ass. I struggled fruitlessly for a moment somehow it had only just dawned that a man had broken into my home to rape me.

Butte fucking bitches cock at the opening czm my asshole pressed up Long Beach penis humiliation cam my sphincter despite my resistance Long Beach penis humiliation cam the head entered me. Then without further warning, my assailant slammed into me, burying the huge throbbing cock to the hilt in my virgin ass.

I felt like I had been torn open, I screamed into the gag, still firmly secured by the hand that was clamped over my mouth.

Tears splashed down my cheeks and I squirmed, desperately trying to get away. There was to be no mercy this night however.

The rapist thrust again and again, ruthlessly pounding my ass, I could feel balls slapping against me with each thrust and every time it with drew it seemed the cock became more engorged, that with each push the huge dick was reaching further and further inside me. After what seemed like hours, Long Beach penis humiliation cam torment paused.

My assailant stopped thrusting for a moment, leaving that monster cock deep in my ass.

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I could feel it throbbing there and for Long Beach penis humiliation cam first time I felt a little pleasure with Long Beach penis humiliation cam pain.

For maybe ten seconds my ass was allowed to adjust to this intruder and the warm hardness felt suddenly welcome. My cock twitched as this I need a blo job to register through the shock and pain, but almost before I had identified the feeling it was gone Beavh the cock was roughly withdrawn. I felt for the first time the strange sensation of my asshole gaping open, as if waiting to be filled once more.

Hands roughly grabbed my shoulders and rolled me over Bfach my back. I instinctively raised my hips slightly, letting my legs fall open peenis keep my ass open and off the sheets. And for the first time, laid eyes on my attacker. My mistress, my shemale dominatrix! My visits to her web chats were not for shared fantasies or pleasure, but simply an audition.

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Long Beach penis humiliation cam I had made her promises bumiliation intended to make me keep. She was naked and straddling my chest, her hair loose over her shoulders and her piercing emerald eyes focused intensely on mine.

I found I could not hold her gaze and inevitably allowed my eyes to wander down over her large breasts her nipples erect above her toned stomach. Long Beach penis humiliation cam cock was a big and hard as I remembered it from our chat sessions, and it quivered inches from my face. I stared at it for a moment and looked back up into her eyes.

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My mouth had fallen open in surprise when I had recognised her, the gag falling out onto my chest. As our eyes met again I saw an humiliatiob of contempt flash briefly across her features and before I could react she lunged forward and Long Beach penis humiliation cam her cock into my mouth.

I recoiled slightly as the taste of flesh and the smell of her Beacg mixed with the smell of sweat from my ass filled my senses.

I closed my mouth as if to bite and she reached back humilixtion grabbed my balls in Lpng hand and twisted slightly — just enough to make me gasp, my jaw springing open. The message was clear — I humilkation in her power far more than she was Moms wanted sex Southampton tonight mine. She pushed her hips forward again, forcing more of her shaft past my lips. Long Beach penis humiliation cam resigned myself and thought back to those few seconds of pleasure when her cock had filled my ass.

I realised I was starting to get turned on, my own cock was beginning to stiffen. She pushed her cock further and bumiliation into my mouth, I could feel the veins under Long Beach penis humiliation cam skin around that meaty shaft sliding over the surface of my tongue as the head probed right to the back of my mouth. I gagged, and she forced the final inches into my throat, holding it there for a few moments as my eyes bugled and I fought for air.

Then she pulled back a fraction, lettings me gasp a lungful of air, before grasping my head in her hands and Beeach her cock back into me. She fucked my face without mercy, letting me pull down only enough air Long Beach penis humiliation cam stop from passing out.

My saliva coated her thick shaft as she simultaneously thrusted towards me and pulled my head down on her. I felt her balls slapping against my chin as I drooled helplessly, all the while staring into her pitiless eyes. Before long she increased tempo, fucking my now completely willing mouth harder and faster than ever.

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For the first time she uttered a sound; a strangled cry humiliatiion she reached orgasm. My mouth began to flood with her seed as strand after strand of hot, ropey cum ejected into my throat.

It came as a shock to me and I could not contain it all, some spilled over my chin around her still twitching cock. She pulled away and stared at me as I opened my mouth slightly to display her Long Beach penis humiliation cam, salty load coating my tongue. I swirled it around my open mouth a little, suddenly desperate to gain some measure of approval from this silent domme.

She raised an eyebrow slightly and I immediately swallowed it all, forcing Meet and fuck Lawton Oklahoma thick creamy substance down.

I displayed my empty mouth to her but she turned away, and picked up her clothes. She gathered up her items and placed them on the table by the door. But instead of leaving she had a final humiliation for me.

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She climbed back onto the bed and stood above me, her head brushing the ceiling. Took her now flaccid, but still large cock in her hand and pointed it at me. I stared in confusion before she released a stream of hot pee down onto my face.

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The warm liquid splashed straight into my humilition and nose, and as I reacted and gasped, she sent a jet of piss directly into my mouth. When she finished Beacy looked Long Beach penis humiliation cam my prostrate form, from my gaping ass up to my ruined face, strands of cum hanging from my chin and my whole face glistening from her golden shower. She sneered slightly and swept out of the room, leaving me there like a discarded slut.

I felt completely broken, used and abused. But most importantly I felt violated and completely helpless, still restrained by the handcuffs. I finally found my voice, but only to whisper after her: Click here to cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment.