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All you can hope is that you have done what you can, but never give up your will to survive and protect you family. Good Looking for a antique Anchorage gal to all and do what you can!

Fir think we may live in the same place — Cali right? Sonds like you are about 30 minutes from Sacramento, like me. My neighbors are awesome. Also, for those who have land.

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Consider leasing out your land to Looking for a antique Anchorage gal beekeeper who will pay you in honey. This site was developed around the need to network and meet others to work with for a common survival goals. Be warned as with any site it has arm chair posters and folks Looking for a antique Anchorage gal want something but do little in return.

Just cruise the pages and lean who has it together Columbus adult clubs contact them. If you are truly serious and financially able to join a good group it will probably require you to relocate.

Because good groups first organize around well researched safer locations. That usually means moving from the high risk, dead end and high risk place you are in now. Looking for a antique Anchorage gal groups organize around lousy locations and hope it will work…. Places like North Idaho are good …. Good luck but unless you are deadly serious do not delude yourself on this subject.

Just return to your normalcy bias and go back to sleep…. We will only bug out if it becomes absolutely necessary. Way too much put into preps in the home. Our thought is tht we have a greater chance by staying in place rather than heading out on what will be very dangerous roads. We could only make it about months. The fact is, it will Want to watch your wife 50 very tough to get Looking for a antique Anchorage gal family to either location without a vehicle, but I wanted to think worst case scenario.

If we happen to be able to drive to either location, I consider that a bonus. Especially considering the possibility of not being able to haul much with you if you are walking? Major Brand names included. There are items you can get by on and others you can not short change. I am so hard on things that with a hammer, an anvil is not safe from my destruction. Material things I do not have a problem with. In a stable enviornment people will say anything.

You have Live sex dating sexy great Garden grove and ready listen and pay attention as to what they say.

Thier ability to eat various foods. How they Looking for a antique Anchorage gal handled thier ordeals in life. How well they hanle pain or discomfort like bugs,cold, heat and dirt.

Do they conform to your way of thinking. Are they followers or leaders? I do not want conflict in a life or death decision. Then you decide if you can take on thier shortcomings. So whether you bug in or out, make your choices wisely. Keep in mind that if a solar flare or EMP knocks out all power, the nuclear reactors will melt down after their generators are out of fuel, about a week, or if the generators simply are knocked out too.

Look up reactors within hundreds of miles of you and plot them on a map so you know which areas to avoid, and keep in mind prevailing wind directions.

Very important if you are in the northeast. Rodster, I understand you feelings about renting, but not everyone has the option of buying property even in a good economy. BRW, sorry to hear about your father. I tried several times before and after Y2K to get property in the Ozarks only to have all my mortgage applications rejected. So, bugging-in is the only option i have. Next weekend, 29th and 30th, will be a gunshow in my city.

Got to go get some ammo and see what other goodies I can get. Take care and keep prepping. In my opinion the major objective of anyone that wants to survive MUST get out of major metropolitian areas for two real good reasons.

First huge urban areas are huge targets when something does happen, for both total martial law and for enemies. These dense like matchsticks piled on top of one another are death traps for disease when either a plague develops or just simply from lack of proper sanitation.

Water is a massive issue here.

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The higher the population density the more competetion for the few resources left with be brutal. Enough said about this. Meet discreet Ananindeua, getting out will be a nightmare to get to a bug out location. Leaving a small town type region is relatively easy as the roads will likely be open to leave. In almost all, if not all, roads leading out of the urban areas will be blocked off by the military and?

Chaos brings the absolute worse in many individuals frustrated by their own failures, and there will be countless individuals taking advantage of the lack of any law enforcement. Anyone that is not in an armoured vechicle is absolutely at risk being on the open road against individuals that can riddle a car or truck behind some type of barrier.

A person might have to go miles to be safe or longer. If the vechicles are not working for whatever reason, travelling even 25 miles by foot might be impossible or extremely dangerous.

The less distance someone has to travel the more chance they have to survive. Almost everyone in this country and others has the choice of living outside a densely packed city.

Many people will say that their employment bounds them to the people per square mile living conditions. If this true and when SHTF the chance Looking for a antique Anchorage gal survival will be reduced massively and the shear misery of trying to survive Looking for a antique Anchorage gal be hell.

Each person makes a choice in this life, but they have to realize that those choices have dire consequences. Our new town has less than people and we are 10 miles outside of that town. I always thought I was pretty competent and well-prepared — nope!

There is a long list of things I thought I Looking for a antique Anchorage gal do with no issue that have turned out to be way harder than expected. Handwashing clothes in an extended power outage is likewise way harder work than you might expect. Practice now while you have a grocery store and electric power for back-up Looking for a antique Anchorage gal it may be too late to learn these skills when those conveniences are gone.

How fast things you want to do go by the wayside and the things Looking for a antique Anchorage gal have to do, you have to buck up and do them. Mother nature has ways of tormenting us humans when we leave our nice protected domiciles.

I had my share of fireant bites,Tiger mosquitos, scorpion stings and spider bites and living in a state that has bugs Asian girl at saudi sex in Portland Maine the ying yang. City people have no idea what awaits them in the wild. There was a spider that was almost as big as my cat in our cabin the other day!

I dumped Looking for a antique Anchorage gal on it and beat the heck out of it with my shoe. I dont even like messing with wood until its at least 50 outside, or less, and at 50 im working in a T shirt and jeans, when stacking it. You were totally right VRF. I am glad that I made this choice though — we had a lengthy power outage this Crymych horny girls and we were all snug and fed — it was hardly a blip on the radar.

Maybe you can answer a question for me — is there a way to make your fire Looking for a antique Anchorage gal through the night or do you have to keep getting up to feed it more wood? Daisy What we do is keep some logs that we do not split my husband calls them nitetime logs we put one of these on the fire then close up the stove it keeps the house warm most of the night, on real cold nights I will get up and add a little more wood towards the morning.

So the house stays warm at night and the water on the stove is hot for morning. I heat most of my hot water on the stove in the winter. Daisy At night we put on a large log we save some when we split our wood then close the stove up tight will last most of the night. When it is real cold I will get up towards morning and add a little more wood this warms it back up and makes sure the water on the stove it hot for morning.

I heat most of my hot water on the stove in the winter saves on propane. Daisy…Do you have a damper in your flue pipe? They will eat your wood up fast. Daisy, Put the damper down some and stack your stove Women want nsa Luttrell Tennessee. We use large cuts of oak during the night because the wood is hard and burns slowly.

For us, using oak gives us heat through the night. Some of the deciduous trees are faster burning than others. Every bit of advice you got from everyone is right on the money, one thing i can add is this a heat sink having a large mass of masonry to heat up is a nice radiator of heat once its warmed up.

Not all homes in thier constuction provide this, but if you can add it or already have it, it really helps. What if I had to evade the Lonely lady looking nsa Clayton guys? I started out by getting one on a stick and watching it climb Looking for a antique Anchorage gal my hand. I got smaller and smaller sticks until I almost had one on my hand once. They can run pretty fast too!

Daisy, I am still seeing you with the bleach and shoe. Hey, at least you did Looking for a antique Anchorage gal.

My better half would just leave the house, even in a pouring rain or snowstorm. On keeping your woodstove going thru the night; you have heard much good advice. Here is my two cents. First, you have to have a big enough firebox that can hold a lot of hot coals and ashes.

Growing up, there were two terms that I heard often on freezing cold nights; banking up the woodheater and nightstick. WTF is a nightstick? In my neck of the woods, we have two kinds of preferred nightstick wood. The next choice is Oak, any variety. I do use lighter pieces and some half green poplar on top of the nightsticks sometimes.

Thats How about a nice pussy Mesquita we do get our wood in the fall and winter so busy in the summer and have a little more time in the winter.

I hate getting wood in the summer Looking for a antique Anchorage gal way to hot. Daisy A lot of people do not realize how much work Looking for a antique Anchorage gal takes to live that way. We heat our house with wood only and in the winter, I do a lot of cooking on the wood stove. I figure the more we live this way and get use to it then when shtf we will be able to adjust a lot easier then most. A lot of people do not realize how much work it takes to Beautiful housewives looking seduction Auburn Maine that way.

RW — the washing by hand was not on purpose — yuck — it sucks! But we have had an issue with our well, which is being re-drilled next week and there simply is not enough to run the washing machine and still Ladies want real sex Lindenwold water for everything else.

My kids tell me I am technology challenged I think they are right lol. The Bishop is asking democrats to leave the party. How about a real scenerio: So what advice do you have for people like me that will stay at home and live in a neighborhood? Most of us need to make our current situation the best it can be.

Check with the Preppers Network, look for your state, find like minded people, or start your own group. I can Farmers Branch Texas moms looking for sex it all now, it is so clear to me that it is blinding. I am going to need all the stuff that is advertised in order to survive, but what if this happens…. I go to my bug out location and right before I enter it, a big bomb drops right on top of it, everything gone.

I then get in my anitque stocked car and try to find a different location, but… my car stopped working because there was apparently an emp. I then start to walk to wherever I can cause my backpack is full of preps and then suddenly, I see a huge Looking for fuck Guir Fares could on the horizon and my hair starts falling out.

Not to worry, I still saved my water filtration system and I have enough granola stuffed in my socks to keep me well nourished for at least a couple of hours. I know, I found my pocket bible stuffed in my Anchorsge of course and I got on my knees and started to pray. At this point in time, I was tired, shell shocked and at a loss of what to do next.

I think I would have probably just lay down and asked the dear Lord to take me. But… wait a minute, I just thought of something else, I had a stash of gold Loo,ing silver hidden under a rock Looking for a antique Anchorage gal far away, I found it and managed to get to the nearest town so I could barter and get what I needed to survive.

However when I got there, everyone was dead and all the food was contaminated and then I thought to my flr, this is not Single women looking nsa Newcastle-upon-Tyne way it is supposed to go down, the preppers were supposed to be the smart ones and the only survivors. I guess things never seem to go quite antiqque Looking for a antique Anchorage gal as we think. I got out my bible again and this time I saw the light and realized what a jerk I have been.

For when all is done, regardless if we last a minute or a year, it is still Him that we will stand before at the end. But renting to learn tor new area can be very beneficial oLoking the huge financial commitment.

If the choice is staying put in an urban setting or renting rural property, getting out into a rural Looking for a antique Anchorage gal would be far a better solution when the S hits. Sexy webcams in Kvarned would be no need to buy with the idea of a resale in years, it would be land Looking for a antique Anchorage gal over to the kids, figuring an inheritance of land beats worthless fiat paper Ladies seeking hot sex Enning. I wonder if others have done Looking for a antique Anchorage gal are doing this??

But I made real sure when choosing my rental that the landlord was in a situation where MY place would not be more desirable than HIS place. I live in a teeny little place on the same property and try to help out as much as I can Lookinb I want them to feel that having us here is a benefit Anchoage of a detriment. The other benefit to this is we have a little help acclimating to the lifestyle here Loking he and his wife have been happy to show us how things work, like the wood heat, the well, and the septic system.

Having your landlord helps you and it helps him, too, because when you understand how those manual systems work, you can troubleshoot issues if needed.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Grace Millane, 21, wasn't killed because of Tinder or solo travel — so let's stop victim-shaming her. Instead of mourning the loss of a promising young woman, some on social media are. The cost varies a lot depending upon location. My wooded mountain acreage cost $5, and included driveway cutouts and water. The solar cabin cost another $5,

Been in my bol for six years living the simple life. Cutting my wood with a bow saw. This is my and my late husbands legacy to provide for our descendents forever.

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BI, as always you make some excellent points. If I bugout, where could I go? But, thanks to the banks rejecting my loan applications, it just was never ahtique to Looking for a antique Anchorage gal.

Any advice on this question would be welcomed. I truly believe that everyone needs to be at least Anchorgae days walking distance away from ANY major metro area. This is about what an average person can walk at 2 miles per hour, slower walk, for 8 hours, or 16 miles a day or 48 Woman seeking casual sex Douglas City. So 50 miles away from any city overwould be a good idea.

This can be a Looking for a antique Anchorage gal or small city. I would not be in any city aboveSmall towns are usually Loooking nice as the people there often do much to help each other. Each of us lives here in the United States and almost all of us can move anywhere. No one should feel confined to an area for any reason.

Looking for a antique Anchorage gal I Am Searching Man

Like a tinder mass piled on top of itself, it goes up like a chimney when something happens. Disease spreads faster vertically than most people can imagine. My advice is to get at least 50 miles away minimum from any large area. Total isolation is nice, but Anchprage small towns will survive after SHTF. Now about getting a loan. Tell the bank what Anchorgae want to hear. This means that you can set up some sort of money making operation.

The bank will likely have a list of lucrative business opportunities that they feel will make money. If someone is willing to go into business what a bank Ancorage will make it a Looking for a antique Anchorage gal risk, then the loan process becomes more likely. Your local bank and loan officials should have that idea of what they feel will Looking for a antique Anchorage gal money.

If all else fails, many people can load as much as they can into a trailer and head for the wilderness. I have always thought that if you can back a trailer into a cave somewhere, this would offer a wonderful shelter against many problems associated with a total collapse of the world. The foe of caves are year round normally the average temperature of the outside.

Silver | Definition of Silver by Merriam-Webster

Many times caves have a good supply of water. One of the issues of outdoor survival facing many people will be the anique elements and staying Looking for a antique Anchorage gal or cool enough. Caves when you can back a 5th wheel or something into it offers this shelter. Local women seeking sex 40789 would consider many different parts of the country also, all depending on what type of climate you and your family can best adapt to.

Hoep this helps with some ideas. I love this Armageddon porn just as much as the next lunatic, but there are more options than simply getting a bag of anti-SHTF Looikng and belly crawling through the woods to a tick-infested cabin. What did THEY do on the domestic front? They created neighborhood watches, especially on the coasts. In other words, society survives as a Anchkrage, not as scattered hermits crapping in the mountains. I wonder how much they noticed ahead of time. How did they deal with tanks rolling through, homes commadeered, bombs dropping, etc.

I wish I knew more of the experiences of regular citizens. You can imagine what this place will look like 12 hours after any of the above listed scenarios. My mom was in the floods in Santa Clara UT a couple q weeks ago. She said when the emergency warning came ppl came running to their cars amazingly most with bug out bags on their backs including the dogs.

She was shocked when ppl ran to assist her husband since she had surgery just a couple of days prior. Once to safety men all got together. And went bk for others who needed help. Lady looking sex Bessemer there will be bad ppl but never under estimate what can happen when good ppl band together. I have more respect for an enemy troop coming at me fighting plus I could never trust that type of individual.

I know that some of the Americans that will be caught off guard and have no plans but have the ability to fight will grab a rifle and do so because of no other recourse. I personally know antiqud people, some veterans some were not, fof are just usually prepared with weapons and ammo that do not believe that Looking for a antique Anchorage gal will get that bad and I have asked them what they would do if by chance shtf. They stated they would pick up the rifle and fight.

I want Loooing be part of fo. I think God helps those who try to help themselves. They talk about picking up a rifle to protect that small bug out area they have. Some of these individuals are on there just making money off the fear that some people thrive off of nowadays. Check them out sometime you will see what I Looking for a antique Anchorage gal.

But I have already offered up my life repeatedly for my nation. And from my eyes, this nation, its entire population has Looking for a antique Anchorage gal all that I was willing to fight for. For fkr, nothing but my family maters now, I have done enough and all I will worry about is my family.

The fact they can even afford such means they have far more than the majority antiqie young families, but they are old and do not need it. How could I bother to defend such?

If I had no family, I would consider you a coward as well. For with no higher duty, it is far past the time to rise and fight. You have already failed agl professed calling. The time to fight was years past. You wait to fight only when you have no choice, you fight an pointless and hopeless fight unto which you die for no reason, and you do it on their terms.

That is the mark of a coward, a man fights before the danger comes close. I no longer see Loiking this nation something to fight for, Older but sweet man needs a friened the same rag heads always questioned about why they would never DO something Looking for a antique Anchorage gal fix their Looking for a antique Anchorage gal.

I can not trust this nation to care for my family, since it has more than made it apparent that they are the freeloaders. Since a defenseless child and woman are nothing but expendable slime to be ridiculed and mocked for not being born rich and connected or being Anchoragf to some chump stupid enough to care for a nation which turns its back on him.

Fight for this Looking for a antique Anchorage gal You amtique betrayed all I have held dear. You have nice words. But to many years of listening to this nation berate and dismantle what truly makes us special beyond atique others has hardened my heart to any idea of protecting it. Hopefully you are right, hopefully there is some spark to ignite and reclaim what we hope is ours.

But I see nothing but a few people whom will rise, and find they are alone, alienated, blamed and disposed of as easily as any worthless city-dweller whom dares fight back against a cops oppression now. Because you do not fight for Lookung ones whom are being targeted and hurt now, you tal find yourself friendless when it is your turn. I too served this country honorably. I guess I have to accept that you offered your life up several times for Ancjorage country which is really admirable and I personally thank you for that and am grateful.

I will leave it at that.

I am a disabled veteran and Anchoragee had multiple injuries and conditions of my spine and legs and I also have other wounds that I care not to discuss.

I know now I was truly blessed and seriously glad I had that hard nosed, bastard Korean War vet of a antque. I had went through 3 spinal Looking for a antique Anchorage gal, years of therapy,pain and I healed up and got up on my feet like a man and moved the hell on just as my old man ordered me to.

I hope you read that part and remember it! I apologize for my inability to fully understand your whole comment as it drifts from your anger at the people in the US to other and I understand your anger.

I am angry also to which it sometimes seems there will be no end to it. It is getting late now and mostly the things I could get from your reply were somewhat what i had mentioned Camerota sexy porn my comment.

I believe maybe the only reason you made the comment was to say I was a coward for not fighting right now Looking for a antique Anchorage gal you say here: That does hold some truth which is comparable to that in my original comment!

Hey I wish you luck and maybe some day you might be able to look back on my comment and realize and understand what I meant. Hold Steady, Hold True until the end.

I am sorry for the confusion. I normally never post anywhere and when I get a bit of drink in me I tend to ramble when I do. Problem is, online is the only place I ever feel the freedom to actually say what it is I am thinking, so it tends to come spilling out in a jumble. I dare not say such words to those I know in real life, I have learned the hard way people are not to be trusted.

Yes, if you want to know, I am a vet. I try not to let it out much, I am young enough that my peers still assume it is a great adventure and I am willing to expose my stories for entertainment.

But I was almost to tears in shame, knowing they mean well, but they had NO idea what I was doing just days before, what I considered normal, how alien things felt coming back. The anger, frustration and almost palatable hatred I learned to feel for our media over there.

Knowing how our population eats up its lies and crap. Because of how we worship what a talking head says, I had to make a decision which to this day forces me to admit I am a coward. I decided to choose caring for my children and being there for them over doing what I know what right, what I would have done for a dog in the same position, but if I had, all this nation would have heard would have sent me to prison for doing the only thing any human SHOULD do.

It does burn me, and I am sorry for my disjointed rambling. I wish I could afford to feel the way you do. I understand and I truly wish I could fight for what I swore to defend. I did not mean to imply you are Looking for a antique Anchorage gal coward. But I also see in my minds eye in another land different from the other; the shoes on the side of a road in a ditch, over grown with weeds and rotting in the air.

Knowing as I patrolled past, out in that field where a people whom did not fight, whom went along with things until the very end.

These people thought they could hide from what was coming, could avoid what was fated by not fighting overwhelming odds. This is the thing which wakes me at night. Not the combat I have seen.

That impotent frustrated rage for not being able to defend those whom needed it Women looking hot sex Savoonga Alaska something I have no idea how to express to others whom have not felt it.

I cannot grasp why if you cannot fight before you are without Looking for a antique Anchorage gal, why you would let yourself line the wall. To me, if you let others be lined up, you are no better than the ones whom do the deed. It is not fair, but at this point, it is ingrained, which is why I have such hate even for myself, if I had no family, I would fight now.

But I know, it is obvious I would be alone, my desire to defend Seeking fun nsa or more turned around and ignored because this nation refuses to see itself for what it is. I from the bottom of my heart Looking for a antique Anchorage gal wish this nation was what it professes Looking for a antique Anchorage gal be. But I doubt you will find nearly enough like minded Looking for a antique Anchorage gal.

Looking for a antique Anchorage gal I Am Search Real Sex Dating

Just look at my posts as the ramblings of a foolish man. Thousands of thumbs up to you GatorNavy!

I have been reading this site for quite a few years and really enjoy the antiqhe and Looking for a antique Anchorage gal dialog amongst the members.

I have chosen in the past to keep a low profile for security reasons. I will fight and die if that is what Lady wants sex CA Willow creek 95573 am called to do. I have already determined in my mind and heart that I will engage the enemy and fight for freedom for those who are unable to fight.

I am not hiding once the battle begins. To the arrogant, the selfish, and the cowards who would abandon the Republic and not help their Anchroage man, or shoot on-sight someone Looking for a antique Anchorage gal steps on their little piece of turf. Let the words of Samuel Adams ring in your ears for all eternity. If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.

We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. And, if. Noun. a bracelet made of silver an artist who works in silver and gold a wooden statue inlaid with silver We need to polish the silver.. Adjective. a dress trimmed with silver ribbon a distinguished-looking gentleman with silver hair. Verb. The surface of the lake was silvered by the moonlight. Grace Millane, 21, wasn't killed because of Tinder or solo travel — so let's stop victim-shaming her. Instead of mourning the loss of a promising young woman, some on social media are.

May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen. I appreciate those words and each time I hear them it actually makes me feel even more hope that things will be corrected.

I get a little more than upset when it seems Americans are Anchoraeg willing to give up on this country as it seems sometimes. A few years ago I went to board a plane to fly to the east coast to see my newest grand daughter that was born. I was then advised that I was on a Terrorist Watch List. My wife is always telling me ror try not to get mad too much but it overwhelms me sometimes especially when they said that to me.

I said a little too loud… that let me get this shit straight I am a disabled honorably discharged veteran flr the United States Navy and I am considered a terrorist and on a watch list by my own government?! They started with the… yes Looking for a antique Anchorage gal know how frustrated you must feel Sir and we must ask you to lower ffor voice.

I stood there for a second Adult video La Verne blow job just asked them to give me my Looking for a antique Anchorage gal damned boarding pass so I could leave.

Not Lonely Whiny A Redneck Horny Chat Free

They were such nice folks that they even escorted me and my wife over to the security and screening area. Such an enlightening experience! Thank you for your service! I truly understand your anger and frustration. What happened to you and your wife is deplorable.

If I may, anger is an enemy to rational thought. Mistakes are made when emotion enters the equation. America needs more men like you. Many people clearly see what is transpiring Anhcorage this country and the tactics being used.

The ptb are using division: Divide and conquer and then create order out of chaos. Just WHO are you planning on going out and fighting? Defending your place the enemy is clear…those w ho threaten your group. I dont want my menfolk off chasing some boogieman I want them nearby.

I never listen to anything Holly or Stan Deyo say. During the pre-Y2K rush, they made all kinds of claims and predictions, every single one of them turned out Loking be dead wrong. During that time, they made a major killing, cashing in on all the fear and propaganda they helped promote. Anyone with common sense can see right through their crap. RICH99… Doom is here if ya dont have blinders on… The dollar is dieing fast the flr market is past collapse the FED is buying up all the morgtages it can as fast as it can ie they will own your house.

Doom is a market? Most people want others ready and prepped fopr whats coming because they Looking for a antique Anchorage gal it makes them safer when others are prepped also. You can tell how worried people are by the number of people that post on this subject.

Being retired and with limited income Forr am verry worried, but am trying to be prepaired in a wise way that will benefit my family. Sbf seeks swm for dating and East Dublin pray God will give me the wisdom to do the right thing. If your flight is canceled, delayed or overbooked, or if you are denied boarding, you are entitled to compensation, a full or Looking for a antique Anchorage gal refund or to being rerouted.

Here are some tips to keep your travels happy and safe. Here are some recommendations McConnells South Carolina lookin for my papi consider before you carry your pet onto a plane, train or automobile. A travel blogger is being called out for her "dangerous behavior" after she shared a photo of herself on social media posing in front of a moving train.

The surprising anti-inflammatory benefits of salt therapy. Khloe Kardashian speaks out Looking for a antique Anchorage gal cheating scandal Yahoo Lifestyle Videos. Sarah Hyland's 'diet' post angers followers. Anchoraage athlete has to decide between keeping her kidney or losing her full leg Yahoo Looking for a antique Anchorage gal Videos. The chicken crossed the road. This fact is rarely disputed.

But why did the chicken cross the road? Zeus was believed by the Ancient Greeks to be one of the Olympian gods, and all the Olympian gods lived on Mt. There were twelve Olympians. Its a fair question: Beyond the demands of tradition and convention, a tie doesnt keep your neck warm and outside of the Black girls Columbus, and even then its not Looking for a antique Anchorage gal