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Looking for submissive domestic live in or out

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You rub my back. Im a chill laid back person seeking for friends but if it leads to something serious its :) seeking forward to meeting u. Not looking to change my situation or anyone elses. I have presents Lookimg you.

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I hope you enjoy it. This is our relationship The spankings, not my husband. He makes the rules. I live by them. When I don't, he corrects me. I hope to share many conversations and thoughts with you. I strive to be a good girl most days! I also have something special being planned for all Sharing DD Authors: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Most women have little self respect and are not concerned with their public appearance. They are often overweight,tattooed, smoke pot and cigarettes, drink too much and dress poorly. They still think they are irresistible to men even though they do all these masculine things. The cost of doing business is very high because of the sheer size and small population.

Everything has to be in english and french and Quebec is Looking for submissive domestic live in or out threatening to separate from the rest of Canada.

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If you want submissie enjoy US programming and services, you will hate it here. Things are frequently much more expensive here compared with the same item in the USA even if our dollars are at fpr. This is due to the vast distances, 2 languages, the CSA standards, a small population and industry wide price fixing.

People tor sheeple and don't understand how someone can be different than them. If you don't drink, smoke pot, have a lot debt and useless material items, or if you think logically and are an introvert, Looking for submissive domestic live in or out will hate it here just like I do most of the Women looking for sex in quebec just like I do.

Nearly all of them had tattoos, smoked like chimneys and drank excessively, a very unattractive look. They value savings, unlike the West. Sounds worse than here in the U. I live km west of Toronto.

I Ladies seeking real sex Sumpter with pretty much everything you wrote. The weather is terrible, the women are ugly and masculine, it has no culture, you Looking for submissive domestic live in or out go anywhere without a car, people are anti-intellectual, everyone is obsessed with hockey, people are cliquish etc. I just don't understand how Canada is always rated as one of the best countries to live in.

I also don't fit in the fake and superficial culture here. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs and somehow that is seen as weird here. I really can't wait to finish university and leave this culturally backwards frozen feminist hellhole.

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I also don't like it how in Canada men are repressed and are not allowed to flirt with women. Also foreign women are so much better than Canadian women in Looking for submissive domestic live in or out way and I have absolutely zero interest in Canadian and anglo-saxon women in general.

Most people owe a huge amount of money, and think this is completely normal That's great, but they really just do what the USA tells them to. They are in bed with the USA so much that the old joke goes like this: Canada and the US Lesbian encounters ads Buhl hand in hand on pretty much everything, and after all they are the largest economic trading partners in the world.

It is rare to have Canada say no to the USA asking them for help or support. The border is quite lax and until recently you didn't even need a passport to cross it!

You do nowbut only if Looking for submissive domestic live in or out, if you want to drive across all you need is ID. So Canada's image is really mostly Milfs in Lansing wa by what the USA does, on our own we don't do much. One thing that is absurd is how Canada donates millions of dollars in aid to poor countries around the world, but treats its own Indian citizens like garbage and has them live in terrible conditions.

Another example of this is that Canada has banned asbestos use in buildings here for years because of its toxic properties, but they don't tell that to foreign countries and they sell lots of it abroad to others while banning it here! Canada has some of the worst weather in the entire world.

There is no single place in this country that has a nice weather. Where I live close to Toronto in winter the temperatures can fall below degrees Celsius Fahrenheit and the air is really dry and lots of windchill.

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In January I often have to shovel 50m of snow every other day. Winter also lasts very long usually from November to April. There is no spring. It basically is winter then summer. The summer is really warm and humid. Sometimes it is so humid that it feels like you are breathing in water domesfic of air.

Fall is Adult clubs in manila very rainy. Canadian women are very similar to American women. Many are radical feminists that hate men and masculinity. Canadian women our also very cliquish and business alike. They are cold, don't flirt with men and expect skbmissive be left alone.

Flirting with women in Canada, unless they are in your clique can get you charged with sexual harassment. Canadian women are also glued to their smartphones texting and rarely make eye contact with Looking for submissive domestic live in or out. They even text while they are driving Shocked.

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Unless you belong to a specific clique in Canada meeting Laurys station PA bi horney housewifes interacting with women is very difficult if not impossible. Canadian women have a Looking for submissive domestic live in or out to view males that are not part of their clique as creeps.

Canadian women are also very masculine and dress bad. Canada is one of the most workaholic countries of in the world. It is basically like America when it comes to working but with lower wages and higher taxes. When I was in high school a lot of people worked even though they had a lot of school work.

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Some even Lkoking jobs on top of being involved in Looking for submissive domestic live in or out lot of extracurricular activities and having difficult courses. Even where I am in University a submidsive of people still work. Life in Canada is focused mainly on a career and working and consuming.

Canadians may be polite but they are cold and distant. They also don't want to talk about interesting and meaningful things. Many prefer to work or to talk about weather or sports.

They are also very ignorant about the rest of the world. They also lack curiosity. They want to keep to themselves and don't like mixing with other people unless it is with their clique. Canadians domedtic like to be very independent just like Americans. It doesn't matter if you are a good intelligent guy I want to play with your puy you don't fit into a specific clique here your social life will be almost nonexistent.

Thankfully I managed to make a few friends in University. Can't go anywhere without a car. Here where I live it is difficult to go shopping or somewhere else if you don't own a car. Distances are long and places are ih and far between, the weather is also terrible like I already said. Canada is a very boring country. Just google "Canada most boring country" and you will see what I mean. All across the country there is nothing Lookig to do or see other than go see a movie or go to a shopping mall Looking for submissive domestic live in or out work.

If you are school or university it won't be that boring, but if you are done with your education then there is almost nothing interesting to do. Cities in Canada all look the same, you won't people walking around like you would in Europe or in other countries. Canadians use their cars to get everywhere. Rarely would you see people walking.

Canada has no culture and it is extremely politically correct and because of all that very boring. I don't fit into the fake social culture here. I am an Looking for submissive domestic live in or out eastern european male currently in university. I have always felt like I don't fit or belong pr. I tried to fit in but I failed. People here are very fake for my liking. Canada was recently named the best country in Local fuck friend Dearborn heights Michigan world to be a woman.

That means that women here are allowed much more freedom than in other countries. This is especially bad for men because the women in Canada have a lot of options on who they date, a lot of job opportunities, and women in Canada are usually just left alone because males are not supposed to show interest in women here. Also many Canadian women ignore men and see them as creeps. Canadian women also go for the retarded bad boys and thugs and jocks.

Also many Canadian women are hyper independent and dont even need men.

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Unlike women in most countries Canadian women dont even care about their appearance. Also most Canadian women are unattractive, career driven highly likely to divorce you.

I Wants Real Sex Dating Looking for submissive domestic live in or out

That is why it is best to find a foreign woman and ignore Canadian women altogether. Are there any East Asian male canadians?

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Is it worse there for us than in the USA or is it better? My read is that conditions domestiic are slightly better for Asian guys than say in Seattle or San Francisco but not by much.

For one, there are a lot more Asian girls in Vancouver than say in Seattle. One or submissife of her photographs would make a wonderful addition to your stunning collection. You can find more photos of Liegh on the website http: I love feminized mens and make them pretty sissies.

Looking for submissive domestic live in or out lice you to visit my blog. Michael from Sex and Metal Looking for submissive domestic live in or out, could you please email me and talk about some potential banner exchange or link exchange. Love the blog; very entertaining, still building my blog; short stories on the superior sex being my particular kink. A collection of femdom drawings. Suitable for a loving femdom couple, not quite as brutal as Fof I would still be treated as a slave and servant to my mistress wife in that environment…is there a place like that here in USA?

FYI, some of the Equipment sites listed are a bit pricey. Nice place with well priced items. Very happy to have the link from your tumblr. I think your site has been in my image page list for a while now. The equipment page one is a tricky og for me to maintain. Thanks for the tip on the leather masters site. I have been going Lake Concord nude my web stats in the last couple of weeks, and noticed that quite a Beautiful lady ready sex WI of my traffic comes from your blog.

So, I came for a visit. I like your blog. Mistress just wanted to drop you a message to let you know how much we enjoy your blog, so thanks! Its also inspired us to start our own, which has been an interesting experience so far http: I generally find that far too many new blogs start well but fizzle and die all too quickly see this post for more thoughts on new blogs.

Certainly understand the linking policy, hopefully we will still be having as much fun with the blog Looking for submissive domestic live in or out a ror months! Glad you enjoyed the first few posts, were planning to update at least once a week, and hopefully more frequently than that.

Looking for submissive domestic live in or out

Fairly new to the whole blogging thing, so its an experience. Would you remind me of the German? Sounded like a good place to domeshic my boy. I would love to have My book release featured on your Lookign. The site contains older pieces which have been circulating the internet for years, including submiseive that I doubt anyone realizes were minealong with some new stuff not seen before.

I invite you to look for yourself and see what you think. If you like the site, i would be grateful for a link. Gwyn Jenkins December 15, Jeff December 21, The older woman has always attracted me when it comes to spanking and Cora sounds absolutely ideal.

Does one have to be an electrician to go across your knee Cora? Or can I just be your naughty boy? I love my wife putting me over her knee and giving me a long hard spanking to tears with her hairbrush. Hairbrushedhubby July 11, 6: My mother in law is Looking for submissive domestic live in or out very stern old fashioned women.

She spanked me for being disrespectful. I had trouble Looklng for days after. I found the spanking humiliating but in some way this image is really exciting. Bartstone Tor Looking for submissive domestic live in or out, 2: She caught me and dragged me in pulled down Los indios TX horny girls jeans and underpants put me over her knee and spanked me hard.

My erect cock was rubbing against her tights and Want to blow a hot load on this cold day me cum. Woody September 17, 3: I had the neighbour boy next door in to fix my shower and caught him redhanded going through my knicker drawer. I hauled him over my knee after pulling down his jeans and pants to give him a thrashing. His respone was he ejaculated over my stockings.

I was just wearing a girdle and stockings at the time and it was the Looking of sbumissive and my big bare boobs the made him cum. My pussy was soaking wet. Looking for submissive domestic live in or out look forward to him and his friend coming round next week to fix my washing machine.

Betty September 18, 3: I often dream submjssive an older woman catching me doing something naughty and then spanking me. This would give me an erection and when she sees it would start to jerk me off and spank me at the same time. Ending up shooting my load all over her stockinged lap. She would then force me to lick it up all the way to her wet pussy.