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Another chance for a songlist. This one I think should be kinda special, since there's been songlists since the dawn of mankind.

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Or since people started making lists and smoking pot and using "" as code for Free sex dating North Sydney, Nova Scotia. Ironic that by the time I get this thing up, it will actually be right around 4: For those who are curious, the origins of the number are smoke-shrouded Two adults 420time and lots of fun urban legend.

I found a few things today in honor of the unofficial holiday, but my fave is the thoughtful piece by the Huffington Post on the meaning of Two adults 420time and lots of fun Not so surprising that the Grateful Dead were at least partially responsible for 's propagation into pot culture. It was Christmas week in Oakland, Steven Bloom was wandering through The Lot - that timeless gathering of hippies that springs up in the parking lot before every Grateful Dead concert - when a Deadhead handed him a yellow flyer.

Tamalpais," reads the message, which Bloom dug up and forwarded to the Huffington Post. Bloom, then a reporter for High Times magazine and now the publisher of CelebStoner.

The flyer came complete with a back story: It started as the police code for Marijuana Smoking in Progress. After local heads heard of the police call, they started using the expression adutls referring to herb - Let's Godude! Bloom reported his find in the May issue of High Timeswhich the magazine found in its archives and provided to the Huffington Post.

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420timd story, though, was only partially right. It had nothing to do with a police code — though the San Rafael part adultss dead on. Indeed, a group of five San Rafael High School friends known as the Waldos - by virtue of Two adults 420time and lots of fun chosen hang-out spot, a wall outside the school - coined the term in The Huffington Post spoke with Waldo Steve, Waldo Dave and Dave's older brother, Patrick, and confirmed their full names and identities, which they asked to keep secret for professional reasons.

Pot is still, after all, illegal.

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Check out the rest Nude girls from Warrnambool that here. Being a connoisseur of pot All these are great and known by us all to a certain degree.

I will say this before I share my list -- a few days ago, after hearing Afroman's "I Got High" for the first time in several years, I decided that, by and large, it's a lame excuse for a pot song. More than anything, it's representative of a small portion of pot smokers -- the slackers who'd slack with or without smoking pot -- and not the 90 percent of the rest of the population of regular imbibers.

Two adults time and lots of fun I Want Sex Contacts

I'm sorry, but you can't blame smoking pot for being a loser, and that's just what this very song does. Here are some of my own favorite songs. Play some on your way home. Or, more appropriately, while when you get home and are getting ready to hit a fatty.

420tome And in case you were wondering, I excluded Cypress Hill altogether because frankly, those guys are annoying as fuck, no matter what they rap about. Looked at the clock Kadafi, in my bed So I smoked a joint a with him.

A bit like the Afroman song, but more playful and innocent. Nothing about missing child support payments or running from the cops or having to sleep on the sidewalk.

Geez, Afroman, you really know how to bring a person down Couldn't make a list like this without it. Could have been included in the aforementioned classics, but I like it so much, I had to snag it for a fave.

Not my favorite artist in the world, but I like his peace-loving sentiment and this song is particularly good. The title is self-explanatory. And so's the song.

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Had to includes something industrial, right? I grew up with it yeah, I was once a Castle regular, so what? And now, for your viewing pleasure, a tongue-in-cheek marijuana propaganda video so scandalous that YouTube took it down.

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It's really not scandalous at all, but I guess if you complain to the right people To see the post in its original context, and add to the conversation there are currently 15 commentsclick here. It'stime for another Top 10 list! Sorry, fuj late — what'd you expect?

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Apr 20, 12 PM. Now, onto the real reason for this post — music about smoking pot.

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Marijuana is evil To see the post in its original context, and add to the conversation there are currently 15 commentsclick here. Ari Chi, Vacancy and the best Love in knapton Tampa Bay music. Would Tampa mayoral candidates stand up to Live Nation?