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Who wants to be my lucky clover

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I have a powerful "enemy" living in my lawn: As much as I've tried to get rid of it, it is now spreading on many large spots of the lawn.

Only this isn't just a simple clover, but the four-leaf clover which Who wants to be my lucky clover many people want to find and keep as a lucky charm. I didn't know the clover in my lawn was so special until my son started to find several four-leaved clovers. Everyday he likes to go outside in the garden for a walk and, while admiring the flowers and the clpver, the four-leaf clovers just "jump" at him!

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He has already found 22 of those pretty lucky-charms in dlover lawn and, also, one five-leaf and one six-leaf clover, which is very rare. However, this is not so surprising coming from my son, because he has always been lucky, ever since he was born.

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When we bought tickets for the lottery he would always be the lucky one who had the winning ticket. Moreover, the number of his day of birth comes up frequently at the lottery.

That's why I'm not that surprised when he finds the four-leaf clovers, which means that this is not merely a fairytale. Cloveror Trifolium in Latin, is a perennial herbaceous plant in the leguminous pea family Fabaceae. The leaves are usually trifoliate, with red, purple, white or yellow spike-form flowers.

Seed pods are enclosed in the calyx. The Latin name of Trifolium comes form the words "tres" and "folium" meaning three leaves, which led to the popular name of trefoil. Clover is very much cultivated as a fodder plant because of its nutritional value for the livestock.

The most cultivated species are the white clover Wbo Trifolium repens and the red clover - Trifolium pratense. I ts blooms are one of the main nectar sources for the bees.

The legend about St. Patrick coming to Ireland to spread Christianity and using shamrock as a methaphor wajts the Christian Trinityturned clover into a holy plant Le mans hookers can bring luck to everyone who wears it. An Irish bride always has a clover in her wedding bouquet, as well as the groom wears it at the boutonniere.

Having more than three leaves, the four-leaf clover means more good luck for the one who finds it. Statistics estimate the probability of finding one at 10, to 1.

My Lucky Four-leaf Clover Patch - Dave's Garden

Patrick to symbolize the Holy Trinity while the fourth leaflet, when found, may symbolize God's graceeach leaf of the four-leaf clover symbolizes something - in a less dogmatic interpretation - so that all together can bring good luck: The four-leaf clover is actually an uncommon variation of the three-leaf clover. The fourth leaf is often smaller than the other three.

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It was discovered that the fourth leaflet or fifth, sixth, or more is caused by a clovr mutation and special environmental conditions. Researchers from the University of Georgia discovered the gene Bi couples Lakeport the four-leaf clover and they can work with it to turn simple three-leaf clover into a four-leaf clover.

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Of course, they are mainly produced for being commercialized as "lucky charms. In Romania we have a beautiful tradition on March 1st - "Martisor". On that day men give their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters a "martisor" which is an amulet for luck and health.

The amulets have different shapes like animals, flowers, bugs or anything symbolizing good luck - like a four-leaf clover. The environmental conditions luciy as, soil pH, soil composition or pollution can influence some clover patches to produce more four-leaf clovers than others. The recent discovery of the Naughty ladies of Oklahoma City responsible for the presence of more than three leaflets shows how this can happen, without the environmental's Who wants to be my lucky clover.

The gene doesn't work well meaning, it has a mutation and it doesn't controll anymore the mechanism of leaf growing, so it just gets out of controll, producing more leaflets.

Devon Lee, Taylor Wane in "Two Milfs And One Lucky Guy", HD / From: Brazzers / Mommy Got Boobs

Then the mutation affects the whole family. Whatever the reason might be, the odds of having a four-leaf clover patch in the garden are rare, so I'm feeling lucky to have it.

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And since all in my family are healthy, what more luck would I want? CloverLawnsWeeds.

Lucky Clover Crochet Pattern - Julie Measures

Adina is a Romanian plants and pets ro, always happy to share her experience. Follow her on Google. Iron Cross was a big surprise success outdoors as a Sadly found it after it had expended all it's Energy.

A female or possibly juvenile summer tanager appeared Mail this article Print this article Read articles about: CloverLawnsWeeds Add to Bookmarks.

Who wants to be my lucky clover

About Adina Dosan Adina is a Romanian plants and pets addicted, always happy to share her experience. More articles by Adina Dosan.

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